Sepio works as an extension of your team to accomplish your objectives

As an independent fiduciary, we can more fully align ourselves with our clients and provide better access, efficiency, and flexibility.

Institutional Services

Some of the world’s most innovative institutions use Sepio to optimize their portfolios and maximize their impact.

Portfolio allocation

Sepio approaches portfolio allocation differently. Antiquated portfolio models force you into predetermined asset types and percentages. Sepios’ role based framework focuses instead on the role each asset plays in your portfolio.

Outsourced CIO

Sepio provides delegated investment management services for institutions seeking specialized and dynamic investment services supported by a culture of excellence and accountability.

Mission Alignment

Sepio has partnered with its innovative institutional partners to 100% mission-align their portfolios. Delivering benchmark beating returns while mission-aligning the corpus has 10x’d their institutional impact.

Manager research

Sepio performs research and diligence on thousands of fund managers across public and private markets and every sub-asset class and sector each year. Clients’ benefit from the process, infrastructure, and the specialized insights they produce.